Hi friend! It's a pleasure to meet you! Most days you can find me hanging out with my husband, son (Zach) and pup watching movies and going for walks. I am a huge lover of Oreos, grilled cheese, pizza and ice cream. I believe that there is always room for dessert because life is too short not to enjoy chocolate goodies. I recently got married this past June to my husband Eric and am so lucky that he loves me even though I can't cook. Our dog Gabby is our world and gets spoiled more than any other dog I know. I am awful at walking in heels and have an unhealthy obsession with Nike. (I want every shoe they make) Sweatpants are my favorite and are always the first thing I grab when I get home. Do you agree that jeans are the most uncomfortable thing ever?! I love love and have always been drawn to being able to capture sweet moments, which is the number one reason why I became a wedding photographer.


Classic Romantic at Heart

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I adore what I do and when I say my clients mean the world to me, it's not just a sales pitch. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to do what I love as a career. I'm your total "notebook" believe "in head over heels" kind of girl and I really invest my heart and soul into my clients and the moments that I capture for them. I truly believe that you can tell when a photographer has invested a piece of them into their work, it just speaks to you. Getting to know my clients and developing a good connection/relationship with them is so important to me. I need to know what makes their heart flutter so I can really shoot from the heart and deliver exactly what they are dreaming of for their images. I want them to feel comfortable, like they're shooting with a friend because I need to really capture their true personalities

I don't just want your friends and family to say "wow, that's a beautiful photo!" I want them to feel something when they look through them, feel how you guys felt in that moment, feel like it's you. Whether it's a shot from your wedding day where I snuck the two of you out and ran away from the hustle and bustle just to have a moment alone, a candid snap of my bride laughing with her girls and just having fun, or the heart wrenching daddy daughter dance, every image is a memory. Everything from your formals to your engagement photos should be an awesome experience. You guys should be laughing, smiling, having a great time, the whole time, and that's my job. 

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• My husband, son and dog
• Powdered donuts 
• All white rooms with pops of color 
• Oreos, ice cream, and chocolate! 
• Photographing in locations with big trees  
and greenery 
• Blush, gold and navy
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Typographic prints and handwritten fonts




In a world where you're constantly told that you are never enough: never pretty enough, thin enough, smart or talented enough, I'm here to use my camera and my gifts to help you see that you are more than enough. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are MORE than enough. 

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SLP Couples value photography, and are creative in nature. Each couple is given the utmost attention & dedication by means of unlimited phone consultations, brainstorming sessions & style coaching. SLP Couples are empowered to make meaningful decisions throughout their engagement. 

MY philosophy

my philosophy 

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